The Art of Re-purposing

I’m not sure that its fair to say there’s an “art” to re-purposing. The real talent comes from simply being able to see something as it could be – rather than for what it is…

This was the case with this bathroom vanity that I made in 2014. The top and base of the unit is actually a small desk that was sitting in the attic of the home for god only knows how many years. When we did the remodel work on the bathroom the owner asked if I could use the desk she’d found in the attic as the base for the sink. I thought it was a brilliant idea. So, I stripped off the old finish that was dull and uneven and re-stained the desk a dark walnut color. I measured and centered a hole in the desk to run the drain pipe and mounted the sink. That part of the project took two days to complete but alas it just didn’t have the look of a completed vanity or at the very least something appeared missing.

As luck would have it there was also some old lumber in the attic. I spotted a single maple board that was the same species as the desk. After about an hour of re-sawing, cutting, and gluing – I had the perfect matching wooden frame for the back splash tile. I also saved a piece of the same board which I used to mount the in-wall water faucet – which I think helps tie the design together. The open shelf at the bottom is very different from most vanities that usually have doors which conceal the plumbing. In this case I had only the drain to consider, but with some clever finagling it became all but completely invisible.

I’m not sure what category of project to place this one in. I didn’t really have to build anything. It was more the case of simply putting things together. Either way, I really enjoyed this project. It’s definitely one of the more simple designs I’ve finished over the years.

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