Custom Walk-In Closet

This space was formally the home’s main bathroom that was far too small for the owners who had already converted a 3rd bedroom (not shown here) into their new main bath. They definitely need an organized storage solution for cloths, shoes, and other apparel – so a walk in closet was hands down the best way to go.

This was a fairly big project right from the start. We new that there would be some floor patching to do – to fill in the holes made for the plumbing fixtures. The tub, toilet, and vanity needed to be removed first – as well as the old sea-foam green bathroom tiles, and wall papered drywall. We soon discovered that the sub-floor was in really bad shape. It was not level in spots and revealed some very noticeable wood rot. (I wish I would have saved some pictures of this – it was nasty – smell of cat urine and mold being part of that.)

After replacing and correcting problems with the sub-floor, we could finally begin putting this room back together.
We discussed what features and functionality would most benefit the owners and after measuring the dimensions of the room – we created 3D models of the various components that needed to be built. To a customer, this extra step is very beneficial in that they can see what the completed work will like like before construction even begins. This also reassures us – we can build with the confidence that our customer will get what they expect.

The various components are constructed in our shop where we work from the same modeling plans. The complete components are then installed and fitted to create a seamless look. The total project cost including material and labor was just under $2K, under budget and completed on time. ”

“I love it when a plan comes together.” Hannibal – A-team.
I hope you liked this one. Please let me know what you think of the project in the comment section below…

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